(Beta Document)

Thank you for purchasing Firewalla.  Before we start, please check if your router is on the not supported list.

For support please sign up:  https://forum.firewalla.com


For best performance, the firewalla box will need to be installed next to the main router.  (not the extender).  This is the router that provided by your service provider or purchased by you.

If you have multiple routers, Firewalla must be installed on the same network as your iPhone.   If you don’t understand this, it is likely your network is not complex enough, just plug in Firewalla to your main router.



(drawn with love from Annie)

  • Locate the Ethernet cable.  Connect one end to firewalla, and the other to an ethernet port on the main router.
  • Locate the micro USB cable.  Connect one end to firewalla.  Connect the large USB connector to the provided power adaptor, or to the USB port on your router
  • You will see the light next to the ethernet cable blink only green light.
  • Please do not turn off the box during the first installation.


Download the App Here

Some units may require the latest and greatest that are not released to the app store. Please email help@firewalla.com to get an invite from iOS Test Flight beta program.

Please make sure your iPhone is on the same network as the firewalla box.  Usually, this is the case.


You should see a new Firewalla Button.  Tap on the button

The app will ask you to scan the QR code located on Firewalla Box.  Point to it.

The initial connection will take a while,  both sides will be exchanging a secret.   You should see this